January 13, 2011

Articles for ART347

I have decided that from time to time I am going to share links to articles that my ART347 students are required to read and discuss. My students will be blogging their thoughts and questions on their own blogs, that can be found here.

The first four articles are a series of articles on composition by Fine Art Landscape Photographer Alain Briot written for the Nature Photographers Network.

As the semester has just begun this first round is more of a refresher/warm-up for the class; but is still a good series of articles for us to all read and then examine our process' from time to time. "The Traditional Rules of Composition (part 1)" and "The Traditional Rules of Composition (part 2)" are both excellent examinations of the basic rules/types of composition and different ways to control composition, and by extension our images viewer. Most of what is written one should already know and follow, weather done consciously or not is another issue.

The second two articles relate more to composition in terms of its use in "Fine Art" or "Vernacular" photography. "Fine Art Composition" and "What Is A Snapshot" both examine composition as it relates to the respective type of photography.

I hope that you can take something away from these articles. If you have questions do not hesitate to write or call me, as I'll be happy to share my take and what the students in my ART347 course come up with.

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