April 3, 2010

Changes coming...

Over the coming months I will be updating and moving stuff around on all of my web sites. Call it my spring cleaning and summer project.

Don't expect anything too drastic anytime soon; but I just wanted folks to know that changes are coming, slowly.

www.DaveShumway.com will remain my portfolio site; but it will get a much needed update. (www.DaveShumway.net will mirror it)

www.ShumwayPhotography.com will transition to being my stock and sales site.

www.FragilePlaces.com will become my site for all things outdoors. My Yellowstone trips, hiking, climbing, skiing, fishing, hunting, biking, and anything else I do in wild or Fragile Places will go here. (www.GoHike.net will mirror it)

blog.shumwayphotography.com is not going to change and it will still be a great place to learn about photography, keep up with my travels, and a general sounding board for all the things I want to share. It might get a face lift when everything else is finished.

p.s. my top secret site www.GotThatShot.com may also make an appearance alongside www.ShumwayPhotography.com (only time will tell).

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