April 15, 2010

Advertising for the "Last Best Place"

Many of you have seen or heard about this already; but I figured I would share these photos with everyone.

An image of mine is having quite a run around the country advertising the "Last Best Place." The Montana Office of Tourism is using an image I captured in Glacier National Park from above Logan pass on July 4th, 2009 at sunset. You can see the image and others from the trip here.

The image is a High Dynamic Range Merge.

The advertising campaign is fairly extensive in Chicago and Seattle, with about 100 bus kings (signs on the outside of busses), the Double Decker Bus wrap, and even more signs in and around busses and trains.

Before more folks ask... no the ads do not have my name or web site; but yes I was paid quite well for the rights managed use of my image.

This part of the ad campaign is running March 1 - May 31.

I did not take the photos of the busses, the ad agency provided them to me. If you live in Chicago or Seattle and see these ads I would love for you to snap photos and send them my way. (even cell phone snaps would be cool :)

Wrapped Double Decker Bus in Chicago, IL

Bus Kings in Seattle, WA

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