July 4, 2011

Ask Dave, July 4th - Fireworks

Ask Dave, July 4th
I get tons of questions each week, I respond as quickly as possible, and I might just answer them here too. If you have questions you can email me at Learn@DaveShumway.com.

From... Dan
How should I photograph tonights fireworks?

Well the best way to do it is by having your camera with you and remembering to use it. (The best camera is the one you have with you :)

I would go into a long list of tips/tricks; but countless others have already done it, so I'll give you some links, and a tip or two:
They all basically say the same thing; but I'll reiterate:
  • Use a tripod;
  • Get your exposure right (remember dark sky looks great as black);
  • I use a cable release;
  • Remember you are letting the motion of the light paint your picture;
  • Plan you shot ahead of time;
  • Have fun; but remember to take and use your camera.
Happy shooting, and God bless America

p.s. I have not photographed fireworks sense I took the shot on this post, back in 2006. I have been on photo trips to Glacier/Waterton/Colorado each year over the holiday weekend; but nature can give some nice firework displays too.

p.s.s. Remember that without all of the brave Americans that have served in the armed forces, each day would not be filled with freedom.

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