May 29, 2011

Ask Dave, May 29th - Stay in Yellowstone

Ask Dave, May 29th
I get tons of questions each week, I respond as quickly as possible, and I might just answer them here too. If you have questions you can email me at

From... Yellowstone (A question I get asked multiple times a day, every day that I am in the park)
Where do you sleep when you are in the park?

I stay in many different places.
My preference is to camp, as I am then free to change locations in the park without a major inconvenience. I don't mind camping in cold weather, so even winter camping is not out of the question. The only thing I don't like about camping is eventually you want/need a shower and sometimes it is nice to have power and TV on those long winter nights.
I will stay in hotels occasionally, typically when the nights are very long and cold, and the hotel rates are cheep. My hotel of choice is the Super 8 in Gardiner as they have fair (ish) rates, a breakfast that is early enough for photographers, and faster internet.
I also have a number of friends who live in Gardiner, and will sporadically stay with them, when they offer.
Lastly I will sleep in my car if I can't get a campsite or other option, typically I reserve car sleeping for when I need a little middle of the day siesta. (I do not overnight in my car inside the park, I head outside the park to designated areas for such things)

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