March 3, 2009

Yellowstone, March 1st & 2nd...

Well I camped Sunday night so these two days got put together.

Sunday started the day in Gardiner at 26° and I saw 9° - 51°, with lots of sun it was another day to hike.

Monday started the day off in Mammoth a 34° and ranged from 14° - 57° (63° in Gardiner.) The day started partly cloudy providing a pleasant sun rise, about time, and had nice light all the way through my best, be it ever brief, encounter of the trip. Then the sun killed the clouds and it was time for a hike then lunch and then an afternoon nap. I awoke to clouds forming and was quite excited for my possibilities for the remainder of the day. I had usable light to shoot some coyotes and elk, unfortunately the sun and 50° in the morning gave the snow a less than ideal look so Bison were out of the question.

The two day list: (most all were seen both days)

Golden Eye
Bald Eagle
Grey Jay
American Dipper
Red Tail Hawk
(lots of other small 'no ID' birds)(4 or 5 different species)
Mule Deer
Pronghorn Antelope
Bighorn Sheep
Snowshoe Hare (still no photo opportunities with them)

All in all the trip was slow due to the poor light. It did give me a chance to do 6 good hikes in three days and I did get one shooting opportunity that could provided some quality images, I'll have to wait to get them developed before I know for sure.

I checked on the Otters at least a dozen times and no fresh signs :(
I also put in a few miles up and down stream to check for sign (twice.)
The only sign (from before Thursday) was just under the bridge and there was nothing new near the confluence (either one :)

Thanks for reading, I think I may be able to make one more short March trip, if things pick up.

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