June 18, 2012

May and Beyond...

Sorry for the extended silence...May was a crazy month.

Here are galleries from some of my May trips to Yellowstone National Park:
And here are galleries from some of my local climbing trips:
I also spent some time in Chicago and photographed my little sisters wedding (no I do not shoot weddings, so don't ask).

Today I spent the day today on the Beartooth Pass and in Yellowstone with a friend and we had a great little day trip.

Tomorrow morning I am off to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies for the next couple of months. I plan to check in via Facebook and Twitter daily (thanks SPOT CONNECT), and I will try to post photos online when I can (no promise as to how many or often).

p.s. I do have posts about photography in Yellowstone from April and May that should go live each week while I am gone...check that out on YellowstonePark.com.

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