April 27, 2011

Ask Dave, April 27th - Packing for a Lek

Ask Dave, April 27th
'Ask Dave' week eleven… I get tons of questions each week, I respond as quickly as possible, and this is week number eleven of answering them here too. If you have questions you can email me at Learn@DaveShumway.com.

From Erik...
How do you pack (what do you take along) for a normal day of shooting?

I don't know if you would call star trails, time lapses, and a Sage-Grouse Lek "normal;" but I made a little video before heading out for a night and morning shoot on some remote BLM land.



I also had three tripods along for the ride:
  • Gitzo 3540XLS with an Induro GHB2 full gimbal head (with custom long lens support). This was used for the Canon 7D and 500/4.0L IS
  • Induro CT214 with an Acratech GP ball head. This was used for the Canon 5DII and 17-40/4.0L for time lapse/star trails and then with the 70-200/2.8L IS while photographing from my blind at the Lek.
  • Induro A413 with an Arca-Swiss Z1sp ball head. This was used for the Canon 20D and 28-135IS for time lapse/star trails.

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