April 13, 2011

Ask Dave, April 13th - Lightroom Key Commands

Ask Dave, April 13th
'Ask Dave' week nine… I get tons of questions each week, I respond as quickly as possible, and this is week number nine of answering them here too. If you have questions you can email me at Learn@DaveShumway.com.

From John...
What are the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 key commands, and what ones do you actually use?

Every Lightroom 3 key command is availible online here.

What ones do I use... not as many as I should.
Remember the commands I list here are for Mac OS, if you use a Windows box (you should buy a Mac), or know that; "Command" is "Control" and "Option" is "Alt."
Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Convert to grayscale - "V"

  • Edit in Photoshop - "Command + E

  • Paste settings from previous photo - "Command + Option + V"

  • Reset a slider - "Double-click slider name"

  • Toggle between Loupe and 1:1 Zoom preview - "Spacebar or Z"

  • Undo - "Command + Z"

  • Redo - "Command + Shift + Z"

  • Convert to grayscale - "V"

  • Increase/decrease brush size - "[ / ]"

  • Increase/decrease brush feathering - "Shift + ] / Shift + ["

  • Remove selected photo(s) from catalog - "Option + Delete"

  • Go to next/previous photo in the Filmstrip - "Right Arrow/Left Arrow"

  • Set star rating - "1 - 5" (Add "Shift" to go to next photo)

  • Remove star rating - "0" (Add "Shift" to go to next photo)

  • Assign a red label - "6" (Add "Shift" to go to next photo)

  • Assign a yellow label - "7" (Add "Shift" to go to next photo)

  • Assign a green label - "8" (Add "Shift" to go to next photo)

  • Assign a blue label - "9" (Add "Shift" to go to next photo)

  • Add keywords - "Command + K"

  • Edit keywords - "Command + Shift + K"

  • Check spelling - "Command + ;"

I am sure I use more than I put in this list; but these are the ones I can think of, and use on a regular basis...

Oh I love to hold "Option" while adjusting my sharpening (do it and you will know why).

This post has caused me to order a keyboard cover with all of the LR3 keyboard shortcuts/commands on it. (Thanks B&H)

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