February 6, 2009

Yellowstone, February 6th... Snow Day

Well the snow put an early end to the day :(

The list is short:
Bald Eagle
Mule Deer
Pronghorn Antelope
Canadian Geese

Left Billings near 50 degrees and got to Gardiner around 41. Then things went from rain to sleet to snow over the corse of a few minutes. Driving into the park the snow was too heavy to shoot; but I kept pushing on in hopes that at some point it would let up... Ran into Kevin heading the other way to a bad news report, "snowing this heavy all the way through." We both decided to call it a day early and head back to the hotel, I needed a evening to relax, work has been keeping me very busy as of late.

The roads are filling with sow and the weathermen are predicting 4-7 inches tonight. Tomorrow more snow; but warm again. am hopeful for some breaks in the snow and maybe a wildlife encounter or two :)

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