January 19, 2009

Yellowstone, January 19th

-16 this morning and the high temp I saw today was 41.

Another fairly slow day, except for the 302 group and a mountain lion :)

Unfortunately neither of the exciting things resulted in photographs. Today was a day of one minuet late and/or $7k short.

The list:

Pronghorn Antelope
Bighorn Sheep
Golden Eagle
American Dipper
Moose (Bull, one palm left)
Mountain Lion

I think that is it. I know I am leaving off something; but I am very tiered.

Things just did not seem to be breaking my way this trip, I put in the time and miles so it can all come around some other time. We need "bad" trips to make us appreciate the magical ones. That said often we bring about our own luck and I simply was a minuet late for everything it seemed... It will be better next time.

I hope to get the photos edited and online soon, I do have a busy week of shooting for RMC however.
I will put a blog entry up with the link when the images are ready.

One month down 11 to go...
One trip, three days and counting...


  1. Oh, Dave, there's no such thing as a "bad" trip in the Park. Did you miss the mountain lion entirely? That stings. Dad and I have experience that sting.


  2. "bad" is relative to my other two years worth of once a month trips :)

    A "bad" day in paradise is better than a great day most anywhere else.