January 30, 2009

Ski Racing

With work I often get sent on assignments that I would, in all likelihood, go on weather it was my job or not. And the two days of ski racing this past weekend is a perfect example of that.

Two days of USSA/USCSA Slalom Ski Racing on Red Lodge Mountain, Red Lodge Montana. The race had many other participants; but it really came down to Rocky Mountain College and Westminster College. Unfortunately Westminster edged out Rocky' Men's & Women's teams both days :(

Nonetheless I had a great time on the slopes.

It was cold (-10) and snowy, shooting in those conditions is always a challenge for both the gear and the photographer. With the need for finger mobility thinner than appropriate gloves are required to operate the camera while the long races take place. Let us just say that fingers are put in harms way to shoot at -10 for two runs of more than 125 skiers.

All said and done I have some images to show for it. I have the teaser above and more online here.


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