January 29, 2009

Indoor Tack & Field

I had the privilege of traveling with the RMC Cross Country team to shoot an indoor track meet that they participated in. The rumor is that RMC is considering a track program so I tagged along to build up some images for the web site, if/when it happens.

While I was shooting women's pole vaulting I was told that the women who won also placed 4th in last years Olympic trials (pretty cool.)

Alan King, RMC XC coach, placed 2nd in his heat of the 3000 meter with a time of 9:16 "right on pace" Alan said. Alan is not only the coach of the Men's and Women's XC team; but he is also an accomplished marathoner, who uses NAIA XC as a great way to train for significantly longer races.

The MSU Bozeman arena is fairly well lit and a pleasant change from our relatively dark facilities.

Take a peek at some of the images:


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