December 31, 2013


Photographer Dave Shumway looks up at the Milky Way
while sitting beside a small campfire in Tanzania. 

Another year for the books...I LOVE MY LIFE.

In the last year, I:
  • consumed 123 pizzas (or more);
  • went climbing 116 times;
  • took 117 Bikram Hot Yoga Classes;
  • and...drumroll please...spent 142 days away from home on trips. 

I basically look at the year like this, March in the American Southwest, May (and other little trips) in Yellowstone, August in Tanzania, October/November in Italy, and the rest of the year trying to make Rocky Mountain College the best place I could all while climbing, doing lots of yoga, and eating even more pizza. 

I missed my 10 year high school class reunion because I was getting ready to fly to Italy, sorry BHS class of 2003. The good news is that I weigh the same that I did when I graduated, and can climb much better, the bad news is I have not run or sang on stage in years. 

I ticked my first on-sight trad lead rated 5.11D (or 5.12- depending on what guide book you read). 

I had plenty of images published in ads, magazines, newspapers and books around the least enough to afford some cool trips and buy some great gear. 

I visited family back in Chicago in June, visiting "home" for the last time, as my parents are moving to a new place, that will likely never be "home" to me, even though I'll keep visiting them yearly. 

I did make one big change, or will in a few days. As of January 6, 2014 I will no longer be the Staff Photographer/Web Content Manager/Designer are Rocky Mountain College...I will be the Director of Communications for Volunteers of America - Northern Rockies. I will still be teaching a class here and there for RMC, so don't worry. 

I pray that your 2013 was as fulfilling as mine, and that we all safely finish 2014 knowing that we lived each day trying to be more awesome than the day before. 

God bless, and happy shooting

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