November 24, 2010

When I was new to Montana...

Canon Pro1 at 32mm, aperture priority mode set at f/5.6, ISO50, and 1/400th of a second. Exposure bias of -1/3, shot handheld while on a hiking trip. Captured in JPG :(

I came to Montana in the end of August 2005, and I lead this hiking trip for Rocky Mountain College's Outdoor Recreation program to Quinnebaugh Meadows near Red Lodge, Mont. on the 18th of September (three weeks later). Trips to the Red Lodge area are amazing and more often than not I decide to take less photos, so I can experience the beauty of nature for myself and not through a camera's viewfinder. This is another image that looks much better after being edited with new software and what I now know about editing 5 years later.

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