August 22, 2009

Wimberley Head vs. The Sidekick

I thought this was interesting.

I have long loved my Sidekick; but with a 500 on the way I was about to order another tripod and a Wimberley Head.

Put a video head on my Induro 413
Put my Kirk King Cobra on my Ground Pod (with L adapter)
Put the Wimberley Head on my Gitzo 3540XLS
Put my Arca-Swis Z1SPc and Sidekick on a new series 2 Gitzo

I may still do that.

I have used a 400/500/600 on the Sidekick many times with no issue; but keep thinking about one of these.
To make this work I need to be on a ball head or a gimbal head similar to the Wimberley Head that mounts a lens via the bottom (not the side).

Oh well I just thought I would share the FAQ answer about the differences in the Wimberley Head vs. The Sidekick from the horses mouth.

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