February 8, 2009

Yellowstone, February 8th...

Another slow day with not much wildlife to shoot.

The morning started in Gardiner at 18, quickly worked its way down to -8 and then thanks to the sun got up around 35. Sunny, sunny, sunny, which unfortunately does not equal good shooting light; but on a much better note clouds started to come in as the day ended with a hope of snow tomorrow.

Todays list:
Mule Deer
Golden Eye
Bighorn Sheep
Pronghorn Antelope

Although it was slow for me It was not really a dead day for YNP. My eyes saw the Druids; but at the distance they did not process them as such. A small group of wolves were also spotted mid day very near the road.

A slow day in YNP is better than a good day most other places, and remember tomorrow will be better :)

1 comment:

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