February 23, 2009

The Next Canon 1D...

So some people are starting to worry about what the next 1D will be.

I still say... give us more pixel density and I will be happy.

A 1DIII... 10MP 1.3FOVC is the same density as a 16.3 MP FF.

So if they go FF we need more than 16MP or it is a step back in terms of pixels on a subject (with the same lens.)

A fast 21MP FF, or that could crop shoot fast, would not be bad at all.

These all have the same pixel density (ish):
21MP FF (5ish FPS?)
13MP 1.3FOVC (8-10 FPS?)
8MP 1.6FOVC (10+ FPS?)

If Canon can get a hair more high ISO performance from a third 21MP sensor then they could deliver near D3 noise in a camera with far more resolution/pixel density.

DXoMark High ISO scores:
5DII = 1815
1DsIII = 1663
1DIII = 1078
While the D3 = 2290

Give me a Canon 21MP FF that can get fast enough, in a crop mode, and deliver ISO 2000 ish and I'll be a happy and poor man.

Think about it a medium resolution sports/wildlife crop camera, and a high resolution landscape/portrait FF camera all in the same excellent body (flip a switch/push a button.)

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