December 3, 2008

Getting Ready...

for the winter shooting season.  I love cold weather, everyone who knows me knows that, I also LOVE snow.  Living in Montana we have plenty of both.  

With my close proximity to Yellowstone National Park I make monthly trips to the park and that means trips in the winter :) 

It is not uncommon to have 5 feet of snow and -20 degrees for a high.  So what do you need to bring, to stay happy, healthy and warm?

Layers (lots of them)(I like Patagonia caperline/wool and R1/R2 fleece)
Gore outer layers (preferably made by someone like Arc'Teryx)(GoreTex & GoreWind-stopper)
Snow Shoes (MSR Denali's are my personal favorites)
Hand warmers
Gloves (all types)(mittens too)1, 2 & 3
Hats (all types)
A good 4WD SUV (or Audi / Subaru)
A 4 season tent (I love Marmot(Swallow/Thor))
A 0 degree ish sleeping bag 
A great foam/air mat (I also bring a cheap foam mat)
If it really nasty (hotel reservations)
You need great boots (two pair)(one heavy one light)
Trekking/ski poles
Gaiters (I like OR)

And that is just the stuff you need to be in the mountains in the heart of winter.  
I will continue to update this list as I prepare for another winter season in the mountains.  
Winter camera gear is a post all its own.  

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