October 7, 2010

Yellowstone August 6th - 8th

To be completely honest this is the first of my trips to YNP (of almost 100 trips) that I would say felt like I was simply Phoning it in. The rainbow and Pika were the only real highlights, the weather was too hot and the crowds were too big. I did get some great hiking in, and still had a good time in the park; but I do feel that I let the images slide. Sorry.

That said I was lucky to spend a few hours with a very predictable Pika and upon my arrival into the park was greeted by a powerful sunset and a few rainbows to photograph all to myself from atop the Blacktail Plateau Drive.

Make the jump to go through the online gallery, I ask that you leave comments/criticism or at least give your favorites a thumbs up.

If you have questions, ask... I published all of the camera information with each image and have added full keywords to share just about anything you would want to know about each of the images.


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