August 26, 2010

New Canon Glass

First off I want to apologize for the extended silence on my blog. After spending a month in the Candian Rockies I came back to a full plate at work. I still have about 4000 images from my trip and two entire Yellowstone trips to edit and get online for all of you. I am working on it.

Now for the reason behind the post... Canon has lots of new glass and I wanted to share the news.

Canon's site with all of their glass, new and old, is here:

dpReview has all the news items from Canon, and other PMA announcements, online here:

The biggest news for me was the weight on the new 400/2.8L IS II (8.5lbs).
I am going to be taking a hard look at this lens and will likely sell my 500/4.0L IS to make the upgrade.

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