February 17, 2010

clik elite

The clik elite home page is here.

A new camera case, or two, to try out.

As many of you know I am always looking for a new bag to fall in love with. I have, over the years, found some great bags to get gear around in; but the cases that I still can not find perfection in are cases that will work when I am out pushing the miles or limits. Clik elite may have a few options that could do the trick. As I am teaching Photographing the Faces of Winter for Rocky Mountain College this semester I am reminded that I need a pack to get a pro body and 70-200 around while skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, etc...

I have one of these:

and one of these:

in the mail.

I'll get them test them and let you know what I think. If they do a good job of this maybe they will do a good job with a pack for those 15+ mile days.

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