January 23, 2010

Two Weeks in New Mexico, December 2009


I had a great time over my two week trip, I had some great company from friends who joined me for parts of the trip. I chose to drive from Billings my Subaru did a great job for the 4,355.9 miles averaging some 25.9 miles per gallon. I stayed around Socorro, New Mexico for the bulk of my trip. I did make a side trip to White Sands National Monument, a few hours south of my "home base." Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Reserve was where I did the bulk of my shooting; but I did make a trip to Bitter Lake National Wildlife Reserve. A trip to Albuquerque provided great opportunities to photograph Wood Ducks at a few locations. Bosque del Apache is one of many National Wildlife Reserves in New Mexico and I did visit and have success photographing at a number of them.

My bird list from the trip was over 70 species, I was going to post it; but I just don't feel like typing that much :)

I stayed in hotels and did some camping. I ate lots of camp food, some fast food, and enjoyed a few nice dinners at local restaurants.

For those who visit the area I can give a big thumbs up to the Socorro Springs Brewing Company.

To all of the photographers I met on the trip... I hope you got home with great images, it was a pleasure to meet and photograph along side you.

I took almost 20,000 image and after picking through them with a little editing, made easier by Adobe Lightroom 2, I narrowed them down to a little over 1,700 images. I also shot a some video; but it will be some time before I have time to edit it and get it online.

If you have questions about the trip, where I went, etc... Ask away.

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