January 6, 2010

Editing Progress... Day 6 of 11


As the gallery is now above 900 images I would suggest that, if you have been following along, you skip to the end and work through backwards.

I have added another 140ish images. Days one - six are now edited and online, in the order they were captured (or close to it). This represents photographs from December 5th - 10th of my trip.

Day six started shooting sunrise in Bosque then I took a drive down to White Sands National Monument. The afternoon was spend scouting and shooting a little. When I went to shoot my sunset scene so other photographers spotted me and while trying to see what I getting ready to shoot they walked into the scene ruining it... Oh well... I had a few ideas for backup scenes and had some fun shooting after sunset landscapes (some painting with light too). I camped on the shores of a lake that I pray nothing tries to drink out of as it just felt like it was nuclear :)

I hope you enjoy.

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