December 22, 2009

Yellowstone December 17th - 19th


After my great New Mexico adventure I still needed to make a December trip to Yellowstone. As many of you know I like to make my trips when the lunar phases predict strong activity, however, I had only three possible days to make my December trip so I went against the odds (predicted scores of 27/18/10 out of 100). The park has relatively little snow in the Northern range, this is putting the better activity far from the road. With the exception of a bachelor group of Mule Deer bucks, Elk bulls, and many, many, Coyotes there is not much to be seen and photographed near the roads in the North. Even some hiking did not help provide more opportunities to photograph exciting wildlife (I am not including lots of cow Elk in and near Mammoth as exciting wildlife to photograph). The hiking was nice and I did not even need to use gaiters, let alone my snow shoes.

I took only a few hundred images and narrowed it dow to less than 50 to put online. I hope you enjoy.

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