September 19, 2009

Yellowstone & Grand Teton, September 11th - 14th


I have long needed to make a trip to the Tetons in early September for the purpose of photographing Moose. I will say that folks who wish to shoot Moose should consider Grand Teton National Park in early and mid September.

I was also able to photograph some small birds and Beaver while in the park.

With warm temperatures Elk are not flooding into the valleys yet and the trees have not gone into full change.

Each morning I had Moose near my tent and got to spend the first few hours of each day with them, then it was a few hours with birds followed by time to enjoy Jackson or rest and relax while waiting for the sun to fall in the sky and bring temperatures back down. One day I was lucky enough to have rain keep the temperatures down and got to shoot a few landscapes.

The fires in the area made the promise of great sunrise landscapes less than the promise of shooting rutting Moose in the nice morning light.

Take a look, I hope you enjoy.

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