June 10, 2011

Big Sky Journal - Cover

For those, like me, who always want to see the full image it looks a little something like this.

On the forth of July, 2009 I had found this seasonal stream and had a feeling that it could make a great foreground element for a landscape shot at sunset. The clouds looked promising, so I raced out to se what I could make. On the way I stopped to take this image, which some of you might remember from a few spreads in the 'New Yorker' or from busses/trains/billboards across the country. When the shot I took on my way to my planned scene started bringing in significant sums of money/attention I started to question how I could have felt that this scene, with the stream, could have been better. Thankfully now that it has graced the cover of this beautiful magazine it is starting to make me feel a little be better.

I think that 07/04/09 might just have been the best forth of July of my life (2 significant images). I know for a fact that the sunset that night was the best firework show I have even seen. If memory serves me correctly, way back to my school days, I think that I had my first kiss on a forth of July, I don't know if that is really any real competition :)

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