March 17, 2010

The Drive to Yellowstone

On March 13th, 2010 I decided to document my drive from Billings, MT to Yellowstone National Park (via Gardiner, MT) through the process of time lapse photography. What you see in the video is 5,183 photos taken 2 seconds apart from one another put together via Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended at 24 frames/sec. Initially it was 1080P; but I compressed it to 720P for the web. The images were captured via 50D with a 17-40/4.0L at 1/200, f/11, ISO400. The 2h52m drive became 3m36s. Alexander Blu contributed "TimeTraveler," big thanks to creative commons.

One thing that I did wrong was that I did not reset the cameras numbering before starting, so I had to edit two big pieces together in Final Cut, that is where I added the music too.

If you have questions on the process feel free to ask.

I hope you enjoy, I would not be surprised if I do a bit more of this stuff (not while driving) in the future.



  1. I enjoyed watching this as will be doing the same trip in mid may this year. Impressed by the process used.

  2. Great job, thanks for posting. You really should slow down. :)