January 31, 2010

Yellowstone January 16th - 18th


I am finally up to date on all of my personal editing. To all who have been waiting I am sorry for the delay.

My January trip to Yellowstone was much like December and November... very slow. Day one I took 4 photographs, day two was under one hundred, day three was going to stay under one hundred until, on my exit drive, I decided to give a bachelor group of Bull Elk some of my time so I could come home with a few more images.

The temps were oddly warm, for Winter in Yellowstone. I actually camped both nights as I could not see spending money on a hotel when it was nice out and I was not making many images.

The Northern Range of Yellowstone has been short on snow, so the Elk have not been forced down to the valleys, that has kept the Wolves up with their prey. The lack of snow has left the Bison that are in the area valleys less than ideally photogenic too. I hope my February trip will provide more to photograph; but if not... oh well I am sure to find great folks in the park to keep me company.


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  1. Where do you usually head to in Yellowstone for shots? I'm in Utah for a week in January and was thinking of driving up to Yellowstone since I'd be kind of in the area.