January 4, 2010

Editing Progress... Day 4 of 11


As the gallery is now beyond 600 images I would suggest that, if you have been following along, you skip to the end and work through backwards.

I have added another 180ish images, so days one, two, three, and four are now edited and online, in the order they were captured (or close to it).

I had a great trip back to the Chicagoland area; but I am glad to be back in Billings. Back to work, and back to working on images from the end of last year. It is now 2010 so I really need to get all the images from 2009 edited and online so I can go on more trips.

Day four was a bit of a lazy day, as the next day I had a lot of driving to do. We all know that even my lazy days get packed with lots of shooting.

I hope you enjoy.

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